Why Actively Support Free Enterprise?

Free enterprise is the cornerstone of a free people and of America’s historical greatness. Contrary to what’s taught in colleges, promoted by the media, and advanced by politicians, free enterprise is not evil. Rather, free enterprise is essentially a moral activity that creates value to consumers, profits for creators and risk takers, jobs for citizens, and good will and cooperation among participants. The benefits to society from free enterprise are too numerous to mention.  Yet as great as the rewards have been, free enterprise has been twisted and mischaracterized by the left and misunderstood by many Americans. It is now under serious attack.

Over a period of many decades, politicians of both political parties, emboldened by unions, the media, and a host of progressive organizations, have embarked down a path of increased intrusion into the private sector. Whether from altruistic or selfish reasons, politicians’ interference in the private sector has been highly destructive to our society. We believe the function of government in the private sector is to preserve free enterprise; not to play favorites, nor to usurp individual economic decision making with politicians’ notion of fairness.

Government’s proper role is that of the referee; not a participant. Yet government has grossly overstepped its bounds. Sometimes this intrusion is cloaked in claims of social justice, as in the blatant preferential treatment given to women or minority owned businesses. Other times, the meddling takes the form of grand progressive policies, such as farm subsidies, ethanol requirements in gasoline production, or direct payments to businesses producing wind energy. Other times the intervention proceeds under debunked Marxist notions, such as the frequently heard talking point of—“take the profits out of healthcare”—as justification for a takeover of one sixth of the American economy. Even when there is no plausible justification for intrusion—as is the case when over 1,000 private and public organizations are granted exemptions to Obamacare—the destruction continues.

Yet, no matter the motive or the particular type of meddling, the negative unintended (or concealed) consequences almost always dwarf the actual benefits. For this reason, we are taking a stand in support free enterprise. The John Galt Report is a new business concept that promotes individual liberty, free enterprise and limited government by actively supporting and promoting businesses that explicitly support these ideals, while exposing politicians, corporate cronies, and other organizations the undermine them.

Businesses, freelancers, and other organizations are that support freedom of speech and fee enterprise are encouraged to contact us to learn more about what they can do. Individuals can fight back against government intrusion into the private sector by using the most powerful force known to man for positive change—Free Enterprise. By joining the John Galt Report,  individuals may access, support and transact with businesses and other organizations that explicitly endorse individual liberty, free enterprise, and limited government.