Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Some Facts about Obama's performance:
  • 23 million unemployed 
  • 8.1% Unemployment
  • 14.7% U6 Unemployment (this is closer to the real unemployment rate)
  • $16 Trillion National Debt (the clock is ticking; we are adding $3 billion per day)
  • 1.7% GDP Growth (weakest recession recovery since the Great Depression)
  • 104 Rounds of Golf (and counting)
  • $3.76 Average price of GAS in US
  • 1,238+Days since Democrats passed a budget (last budget passed by the majority Democratic party in the Senate was 4/29/2009. Obama's budget was defeated 99-0.)
  • US Median Income Lowest since 1995 
  • Record 46mm Americans on Food Stamps (15% of Population, or more than 1 in 7 Americans. Sad.)
  • 63.5%: Work force participation of those 16 and older (lowest since 1984; why work when jobs are so scarce and Obama money so plentiful)

Total Work Force (from which Unemployment numbers are calculated):
National Debt:
Work Force Participation:

Food Stamps:
Various Economic Series:
Obama's Budget Embarrassment:
Average Gas Prices: