Monday, June 27, 2011

Christie Disarms David Gregory

Chris Christie's appearance on Meet the Press provides yet another reason to love NJ's Governor. Is there another Republican politician in the country able to handle the liberal media like Christie? David Gregory regularly gets his point of view across and scores points against inarticulate and defensive Republicans with questions like…

“Do tax increases need to be on the table?”

“Is the Tea Party going too far?”

“If we are too aggressive in cutting spending, are we going to hurt the recovery and restoration of jobs.”
See how easily Christie disarms the enemy.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Alan Binder Hearts Government Spending

I rarely subject myself to liberal opinion articles but occasionally glance at Alan Binder’s column since he is one of the few liberals to grace the venerable opinion pages of the Wall Street Journal.  Princeton Professor, Alan Binder is the quintessential, arrogant, ruling class elite, with a venomous dislike of all things private and a blind love of all things public. He’s never met a redistribution program he did not endorse, nor a spending cut he did not mock.

Binder’s latest hit piece attacks the GOP for wanting to reduce government spending. In particular, he argues that the evil GOP perpetuates a false notion that government overspending is bad for jobs. First of all, Binder makes the laughably unprovable assumption that the Obama stimulus created “1.3 million net new jobs”.  Even if we take the professor at his word (I know it’s a stretch but bear with me), these 1.3 million fantasy jobs come at a cost of $600 billion (his figure). THAT’S $460K PER JOB—think State Motor Vehicle Bureau employee or perhaps one of those SEIU jobs where they get paid to protest against the GOP Governors we elect. Sounds like a good deal to me, professor.

Binder makes no distinction between public and private sector jobs, as if the Federal Government could solve our economic ills merely by employing 20 million Americans to dig holes in their backyards and refill them. Does the professor really believe that government jobs are on par with value creating private sector jobs?  In fact, the entire notion of value creation seems missing from Binder’s repertoire. Value—or wealth—is created when production and trade take place voluntarily so both parties gain. With Government spending, once we depart from the necessary (and constitutional) spending that benefits all Americans and enter the Binder’s dream world of redistribution, we leave behind the notion of voluntary transactions and cannot in any real sense say that value is created. But far be it from me to point out a basic fact of micro-economics to the learned professor Binder.

It’s as if Binder is a kind of idiot savant, skilled in rhetoric and armed only with the largely debunked theories of his hero, John Maynard Keynes, but utterly ignorant and always wrong about public policies that he constantly blathers on about. Back in July of 2008, he wrote adoringly this about the famously disastrous Cash for Clunkers program
"Economists and members of Congress are now on the prowl for new ways to stimulate spending in our dreary economy. Here's my humble suggestion: 'Cash for Clunkers,' the best stimulus idea you've never heard of….If done successfully, it holds the promise of performing a remarkable public policy trifecta — stimulating the economy, improving the environment and reducing income inequality all at the same time."
And when (not if, but when) his prescriptions fail wildly, as was the case with Cash for Clunkers, Binder always finds new collectivist schemes to promote. The professor is a big fan of the Obamacare and of the Carbon Tax—remember, he’s never met a redistribution program he did not endorse, nor a spending cut he did not mock. In January of 2011, long after the failure of his Cash for Clunkers idea, Binder writes about the “Miracle Cure of a Carbon Tax”.
"Everyone knows that CO2 emissions are the major cause of global climate change, that climate change poses a clear and present danger to our planet, and that the U.S. contributes a huge share of global emissions. Up to now, our country has done approximately nothing to curb CO2 emissions. A stiff tax would make a world of difference." (emphasis mine)
Everyone knows this?  I guess the professor is correct if by everyone, he means ruling class elites of government, academia, media, and Hollywood, together with the state controlled companies that stood to make tens of billions off the plot. Yep, the professor has determined that the science is settled. Who are we to object to another stiff tax; this time a multi-trillion global redistribution scheme? And even if the professor is wrong, what’s a few trillion dollars taken from some and given to others in the name of social justice?

I do not claim to be an expert in economics but I have enough real world experience and have read enough economics to know that Hayek was both an intellectual and moral superior to Keynes. Hayek recognized the power and the sanctity of the individual and the folly and immorality of taking control away from the individual and giving it to the elites in the name of the collective good.

Yet Binder always plays the moral superiority card when pushing for his hair brained, collectivist policies. The professor, along with his comrade Paul Krugman and so many other socialist elites, are utterly ignorant as to the moral dimension of redistribution. By what authority do they propose the looting of some to pay for their own notions of social justice? Perhaps the professor would have done better studying a bit more Adam Smith and Hayek and a bit less Keynes and Marx.

Binder treats the world as if it were a SimCity game. All we need to do to make things better is to take a little from these folks and give it to these guys. Move decision making from individuals to the elites…a stiff tax here…some confiscation there…then sit back and watch the collective grow. And if that doesn’t work, no worries. There are so many other ways to play God with the rest of us.

Friday, June 17, 2011


Here are the 78 RINOS that voted--along with every Democrat in the US Congress--against Congressman Steven King's ammendment that would have prevented a billion dollar payout for the scam know as Pigford.

Yes, these are the 78 RINOS that held hands with the likes of Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and Maxine Waters in perpetuating this multi-billion dollar loot of the American taxpayer. I called Darrell Issa's office (202-225-3906) but they had no information or explanation about Issa's vote.

Note to RINOS -- you will be held accountable! 

3Amash42Lewis (CA)
5Bachus44Lungren, Daniel E.
8Boustany47McMorris Rodgers
10Bucshon49Murphy (PA)
14Chabot53Poe (TX)
20Dreier59Rogers (AL)
24Gallegly63Scott, Austin
26Griffin (AR)65Simpson
31Herrera Beutler70Whitfield
32Huizenga (MI)71Wilson (SC)
34Johnson (OH)73Woodall
35Johnson, Sam74Yoder
36Jones75Young (IN)
37Kinzinger (IL)76Thompson (PA)
38Kline77Bass (NH)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Crony Capitalist Level 3 Nets $13.8 Million Payback from Obama

It’s a pretty simple arrangement. Help elect a mega spending progressive to the White House, and reap the regime’s plunder of the private sector. Politico carries an excellent exposition of how Obama's rich friends trade fund raising activity for cash, jobs, and influence. The story is written by iWatch, a website of the Center for Public Integrity, a Washington-based nonprofit focused on investigative journalism.

Known as “bundlers”, Obama’s mega-funders raised at least $50,000 and sometimes more than $500,000 in campaign donations for Obama’s campaign. Many of those in the “Class of 2008” are now being asked to bundle contributions for Obama’s re-election, an effort that could cost $1 billion.

From the Politico Story...

...Few stories illustrate more vividly how friendship, fundraising, business and politics can intertwine at the White House than that of Gips, Obama’s choice for ambassador to South Africa.

In the 1990s, he wrote a report that later formed a blueprint for AmeriCorps. In 1998, Gips left government, where he had supervised wireless spectrum issues for the FCC and served as Vice President Al Gore’s chief domestic policy adviser. He joined Level 3, a budding telecom company that has received more than $100 million in federal contracts in the past decade.
There, at a 2004 fundraiser, he met Obama, who was then running for the Senate in Illinois. The two grew close: Obama asked Gips to help edit his campaign book, “The Audacity of Hope.”

Gips collected more than $500,000 for Obama. James Crowe, chairman of the Level 3 board, was an Obama bundler, too, raising at least $100,000. The firm’s vice chairman, Charles Miller III, bundled more than $50,000.

At the White House, Gips was a powerful force to decide who got coveted jobs. Obama appointed Crowe in October 2010 to chair the presidential advisory committee on telecommunications and wireless issues.

And Level 3 was awarded some $13.8 million in federal stimulus contracts, to extend broadband connections in rural areas of states where it had networks.

[Read the full story here...]

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weiner Gets Real Down and Dirty with Lisa Weiss

Bill Maher and Jane Lynch perform a dramatic reading from Congressman Anthony Weiner's actual Facebook messages with blackjack dealer Lisa Weiss. Weiner's strident stand against Republicans appears to be a real aphrodisiac for Ms. Weiss.

Hmmm. Wonder if the therapy will work for Tony. Forget about the libido and the impluse control issues. Can they cure arrogance or liberalism?

>>  see real-time odds of Weiner's survival

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Weiner Resignation Prospects Soar

Odds of a resignation by Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner have soared in prediction markets overnight. Each number on the price scale represents the market based odds of the event occuring (in this case, that Weiner will resign on or before September 11, 2011.)

Don't trust the main-stream media or political strategists operatives to give you the straight story. Go to for market-based political data.


Monday, June 6, 2011

Why We Despise Weiner

With the Weinergate scandal in full bloom, it's useful to reflect on why we despise Weiner, hero of the left, hater of free enterprise, and defender of ever bigger, more imposing government.

In the video below Weiner does the usual liberal blather about tax cuts for "millionaires & billionaires" as the cause of our deficits, and blames Bush for all things wrong with the country. Bachmann sets the record straight, noting that the top 1% of incomer earners bring in 40% of income tax revenues.

On a personal level, Weiner displays his arrogance and condescention in full force.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Advice for über-Liberal Weiners

Anthony Weiner is the quintessential arrogant, pompous, free enterprise hating, über-liberal, elite and we could not be happier for what looks to be a spectacular downfall. Career politician and protégé of fellow Statist Charles Schumer, Weiner never met a (non military) government program he did not support nor a redistribution scam he did not pimp for.

Here is some excellent advice for would-be Weiners in pursuit of extra curricula fun.