Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Congressman Steve Rothman: “Repairing the World” with Obamacare

Note: This Article Was Originally Posted on Breitbart.com on May 25, 2010. 

Now that Obamacare is the law of the land, it’s time to redouble our efforts to make sure that what the Wall Street Journal aptly called, the “worst bill ever” remains front and center from now through the historic Democratic massacre that must take place on November 2, 2010. 

Even in supposedly safe Democratic districts, we must be outspoken about our revulsion for the multi-trillion dollar scam called Obamacare, perpetrated—Hugo Chavez style—against the overwhelming will of the American people. Since the Deautocrats in Congress are making decisions that have a colossal impact on my life, I thought it a good idea to get to know our new masters better, and to start holding them accountable for their destructive policies.

Congressman Steve Rothman, Deautocrat from New Jersey’s 9th district, is serving his 7th term. Rothman was an early and active supporter of Barack Obama. Here is Rothman’s sycophantic endorsement of the inexperienced and radical Obama in Dec of 2007:
"I think he is an authentic agent for change, but not only that - he brings to that his extraordinary life experience, his brilliance, his vast knowledge of American and world history and his years as a community organizer as a legislator on both the state and federal level."
Congressman Rothman is a member of the powerful House Appropriations Committee, which allocates all of the funds in the federal budget. Rothman has used this position to bring home his share of pork. But bringing home the bacon—arguably a virtue during normal times—is certainly a vice at a time when America is following in the footsteps of Greece. Rothman’s verbal virtuosity, combined with his even keeled demeanor, gives many of his constituents the impression he is politically moderate. Nothing could be further from the truth.  Congressman Rothman has recklessly voted with the ruinous, budget busting agenda of Nancy Pelosi 99% of the time (you can see for yourself on www.opencongress.org) 

As a direct result of a federal spending orgy and ensuing prohibitive tax increases—fully endorsed by Rothman’s “each-according-to-his-needs” mentality, beginning in 2011, the most productive New Jersey residents will have well over 50% of their income confiscated. Put another way, America’s producers—those who create the lion’s share of the nation’s wealth and philanthropy, and nearly all of the jobs—work half the year to pay for lavish goodies handed out by Congressman Rothman. But Rothman feels good about the economic and social destruction he is inflicting on his district and on America. In an open email on PolitickerNJ.com explaining his decision to run in 2010, Rothman writes;
“But above all else, I am having some of the most satisfying time as a public official (including my labors of love as Englewood's Mayor and Bergen County's Surrogate Court Judge) ever. It’s something about making my contribution to my neighbors' well-being and fighting for social justice at every turn, and working every day to ‘repair the world’ that still drives me and fulfills me.” [emphasis added]
For those not yet schooled in Democrat-speak, social justice means reaching into someone else’s wallet to give to a favored group or cause—ostensibly to “help” a “victim”.  In actuality, social justice creates real victims by stealing from some, creating dependents (i.e. loyal Democrats) of others, and in the process growing the bureaucracy to unsustainable levels. Social justice provides the moral rationalization that allows people like Steve Rothman to hand out evermore goodies and accumulate evermore power while claiming the moral high ground.

Rothman’s reference to “repairing the world” reveals his progressive politics, but also belies his deep narcissism. Politicians have always been narcissistic, but it takes a special kind of narcissism to see one’s own self as a world-saver. Rothman sees America in the same light as does his kindred spirit, Barack Obama—broken, and desperately in need of repair. And who but the anointed like Rothman to do the repairing?  America’s uniqueness and greatness has always rested on individual liberties, free markets, and limited government—whose primary function is to protect these liberties. But that leaves little room people like Obama and Rothman to “help” us. If we are responsible for ourselves, how can they repair control us?

Although Congressman Rothman claims the high moral ground in his quest for social justice or when he is repairing the world, he is more-low key about the other goodies he likes to give out. The radical left hasn’t quite figured out how to use the morality argument to justify their corporate giveaways, but I give them credit for trying. At Rothman’s town hall meeting last August, he was adamant that tort reform should not be part of Obamacare. Here again, Rothman is in perfect synch with Obama who insists that victims need “just” compensation when evil, capitalist doctors mistakenly amputate a foot rather than provide preventative care.

I’m sure it’s just a coincidence, but I noticed that attorneys & law firms are Rothman’s top donors by a wide margin.  [Note to Docs: I understand why the ambulance chasers support their benefactor, but perhaps you should rethink your contributions to someone who is both destroying your profession while confiscating your earnings.] 

Rothman giveth and Rothman taketh. So much for shredding of the “Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” part of our founding document. Now to the “Life” part—Obamacare. Congressman Rothman held three town hall meetings last summer and I attended two of them. Opposition to the entire Obama-Pelosi-Reid agenda was palpable. The crowd was passionate and well spoken. The clear and overwhelming message to Congressman Rothman was;  WE DON’T WANT OBAMACARE!

Congressman Rothman’s “do no harm” pledge:
“We wanted to come back to our districts and get input. What disturbs you? What keeps you up at night about what you’ve heard, because we don’t want that in any Bill. In any law, the first rule is do no harm.”
But at the Rothman’s town hall meetings, people were frantic about the very real harm that the multi-trillion dollar Obamacare was perpetrating. There could not have been a more clear message to Congressman Rothman.

"We don’t want ObamaCare!"

"We are worried sick about Government Spending!"

"We want less Government in our lives; not more!"

Congressman Rothman then said,  “You should know that I have not taken a position whether I will support or oppose the (healthcare) plans that are out there.”  Hmmm. I wonder what possible reaction from his constituents would have swayed him to vote against Obamacare. What doesn’t Congressman Rothman understand about the word “NO”?

Perhaps the only thing Rothman will understand is a resounding NO in November. Political Analyst Michael Barone points out that this month three members of Congress –all members of an Appropriations Committee—have been beaten in their bids for re-election. In these times of spontaneous political activism, even the anointed can be defeated. As Barone says, “suddenly this year, pork is not kosher”.

Feel free to call Congressman Rothman at 202-225-5061. In fact, feel free to call all 220 Deautocrats who intruded so boorishly into your life with the passage of Obamacare.  If you are not from their district, when they ask for your name and address, just let them know you are an American whose individual rights are under assault by the Congressman’s legislative record, most fundamentally through the passage of Obamacare.  Let them you know haven’t forgotten.